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CogWell is a nonprofit organization that empowers college students to address mental health issues. Through their Active Listening workshops, CogWell teaches students how to provide safe spaces for peers who may be struggling with the many stressors of college life.

College students already face a combination of academic, social, and financial stresses; mental health oftentimes adds to those burdens. 

50% of college students experience mental health issues.
75% of those students do not seek professional help.
 One conversation a day with a friend improves mental health.

CogWell provides programs that teach effective communication skills to college students, enabling them to proactively manage daily mental health stressors and foster connections. In turn, campus environments become more supportive for all.

CogWell’s vision is that all colleges have supportive environments that enable students to manage mental health stressors and thrive on campus.

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Empowering students to support each other.

Our interactive peer-to-peer workshop successfully teaches students to practice Active Listening Skills. The one-hour training includes an engaging ice breaker, role playing, and a Kahoot! game, making it both fun and informative. Participating campus groups include Greek life, sports teams, student leaders, religious, academic and social clubs. 

Blurry Blue
College student athlete from Villanova University
Impact Stories

Brooklyn Ostrowski, Villanova University

"CogWell has opened my eyes to even better listening techniques to make the people around me feel like they are being heard. Our society is surrounded by the saying, "Hey, how are you?" But why don't we ever elaborate? Why is our response always "I'm good, how are you?" I believe CogWell has the amazing opportunity to change this societal norm one person at a time. Since my team's CogWell presentation, we have felt that we can open up to one another on a whole other level."

About Us

CogWell promotes the simple power of listening and helps students become supportive friends by fostering empathy and championing self-care. Through multiple workshops and a growing number of campus clubs, CogWell is committed to creating a college experience that’s free of the stigma of mental health.

Show Your Support

CogWell is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization.

Your donations help us expand our programs to more schools and reach more students impacted by mental health.

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