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CogWell programs are designed to be interactive, informative, and fun! They are successful in teaching peer-to-peer support skills through simply listening.
Listen Up workshops

This one-hour interactive workshop allows students to learn and practice Effective Listening Skills to improve peer support among students. The workshop includes an engaging ice breaker, role-plays, and a Kahoot! game. Previously trained groups include: Greek life, sports teams, student leaders, religious clubs, general student clubs, academic courses and clubs, and social clubs.

Listen Deeper Workshops

This one-hour interactive workshop provides deeper insight and practice into effective listening skills. Students will take part in a mock scenario with peers to practice their skills. In order to take this workshop, students must have completed the Listen Up Workshop. 

Campus Chapters

A chapter is our most extensive program where CogWell becomes a student life organization on campus. Students in CogWell chapters meet weekly and experience activities for self-care, a safe place for discussion, team-bonding events and dinner. This is an authentic community with the common goal of continued education, personal growth, and support. A CogWell staff member will also oversee the chapter and guide the student leaders and school advisor. Student leaders in chapters can also be trained to lead workshops on their campus.

Steps to Starting a Chapter:
Step 1: Host a workshop on campus.
Step 2: Contact CogWell staff and set up a meeting.
Step 3: Fill out the necessary paperwork and meet all requirements.
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Upcoming Workshops
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